Business resources to make life easier

Whether you’re a brand-new business or a seasoned pro, here’s a list of apps, products and resources I use on the regular to make life easier and more efficient.

There’s no affiliate links and no-one is paying me, I just know how overwhelming it can be to wade through all of the options out there and hope this list has something to make life a little easier whether you’re just starting out or are an entrepreneurial pro.


Business 101

These are the things that make your business tick day-in and day-out. From scheduling apps to productivity hacks, they can take some of the time-sinks out of your day to day or provide cost-efficient ways to get things done.

Accuity - A great scheduling app that’s easy to use, affordable and can be customised to almost any type of business.

Duet - Got an i-pad? Wishing you had extra screen-space? Duet allows you to use an ipad as an additional screen when using a Macbook or Applemac.

Canva - Graphic design for dummies. Makes creating professional-looking graphics for anything from social media to workbooks super simple. I’m artistically challenged to say the least and Canva saves my ass on the regular!

Google Drive - Easily save, store and share files with others. Especially great if you want to share large files or work collaboratively with others.

Grammarly - A grammar and spell-checker that upgrades the quality of your writing, quickly and painlessly. I love this!

Loom - Records sharable videos of you, your screen or both at once. Comes in especially handy if you’re trying to explain something or want to send a client a personal note.

Moo- Hands-down the best place to get your business cards and other printed material. Quick, professional, great quality and their customer service is second to none.

Microsoft Surface- When you do the amount of typing I do, an ergonomic keyboard is a must. It takes a second to get used to, but your wrists and back will thank you in the long run!

One Password- Keep all your passwords super-safe and never have to remember them again. I use this with across my business and personal life to prevent getting hacked or having to endlessly have to change forgotten passwords.

Termsfeed - If you want to ensure everything is legal without shelling out for a lawyer, Termsfeed can help you pull together T&C’s, privacy policies contracts and more for a super-reasonable price.

Wave- Accounting and invoicing all rolled into one, so you don’t have to manage separate payment and accounting software and can easily keep track of your income and outgoings every month.

Voxer- A voice-recording app that’s super useful for sending a client a quick note that’s more personalised than an email. I use it a lot when I’m out and about and an idea pops into my head that I want to get down quickly without stopping to write it down.


Productivity & Planning

Things to help you to get more done, in less time, more efficiently.

Evernote -Makes saving, storing and finding notes super simple. You can add files, clip from the web or write notes directly and find them all in a second. Makes working on multiple things at once a cinch!

Freedom - A brilliant little app that stops distractions dead. Literally! It locks you out of whatever apps and programmes you decide for the length of time you determine. No more distracting yourself with Instagram while you’re supposed to be doing something else!

Things 3 - A to-do list app that works across devices keeps me on track at work and at home. It has a super-simple interface and syncs with most calendars.


Social & Other Media

Apps to make your social look more professional and work harder for you.

Add paragraphs to your instagram captions - No more frustration when your insta caption runs into one big, unintelligible mess. Super simple and free! Just write your text then copy and paste out and into instagram.

Arkon phone mount - Everything you need to keep videos taken on your phone well-lit and wobble-free.

Cutstory - Takes longer videos and cuts them down into social-friendly sized chunks, add music, change the ratio and much more.

Color Story- Simple photo editing that helps your pictures pop

Tap Bio- A link-aggregator that allows you to send people from your Instagram page to wherever you would like them to go.



As a newly-minted podcaster, I know how daunting it can be to start. The good news is that I went out there and did the research on the simplest, most effective tools to use without breaking the bank, so you can concentrate on getting your podcast up and running!

Audacity - Beloved by podcasters everywhere, Audacity allows you to edit your files with the minimum of fuss.

Audiogram - Create visual sound-wave videos that you can share on social media for more engagement.

Microphone- This mic is one of the most reccomended in the podcast community, and for good reason. Super-affordbale, reliable and simple to set-up and use.

Otter - Transcribes any audio into text. Pretty reliable in my experience, though you will have to go through and add some grammar. Saves a ton of time or paying someone else to do it for you!

Pippa- A brilliant podcast host that makes getting your podcast out there simple. It also has a transcription capability.

Ringr- A dial-in service to allow you to record guests simply and with great audio-quality.