Here’s a list of kick-ass, unruly female entrepreneurs who can help you with your business. Consider this the online equivalent of a friend recommending someone. I know and trust each of these women implicitly- often with my own business and hard-earned cash. The women I haven’t worked with YET are all people I’m planning to in the future.

There’s no affiliate links, kickbacks or perks in this for me. No-one is paying me for these recommendations. I just believe in women supporting women, ESPECIALLY in running their businesses. And, I know how difficult it can be to find business support with so many under-qualified and mediocre offerings out there. Every lady on this page is both a brilliant person and amazing at what they do, so if you feel so inclined, get it touch and see how they can help you out.



Megan Has Good Words

Megan is the absolute master of good words. Looking to figure out how to articulate what you do and why? Megan is your gal. She offers Authenticity Audits and 1:1 guidance so you can articulate what you do in a way that draws people to you (rather than accidentally turn them off!).

She also has an awesome instagram feed delivering real-talk on everything from burn-out to buzzwords that you should definitely check out.

Dotted Design

Laura does branding and web design and she’s great at both. I worked with her on my branding and found her to be incredibly patient with someone who has zero design chops and a problem with articulating what she likes and why (sorry, Laura!) Despite the obstacles I threw her way, she got the branding spot-on & I love it!

Alicia Leigh Photography

Point a camera my way, and I freeze up and get super awkward. With Alicia, not only did I get great photos that actually looked like me, but I had fun doing it! I love her, so much so that next time I need pics taking, I’ll make the several-thousand mile round-trip to go and see her. She’s just that good! Check out her pics on Instagram.



Erica Tebbens

If you’re struggling with sales and want someone who can show you how to be successful, without being sleezy or resorting to sneaky tactics, Erica should be your first port of call. Check out her podcast, ‘Sell it, Sister’ too for real-talk and great advice.



Tami Hackbarth

Tami is the queen of self-care so if that’s what you’re looking to focus on, drop her a line. She’s also got a fabulous podcast called ‘100% Guilt-free self care’ that’s more than worth checking out.



Monica Rivera

Monica runs her own wildly successful podcast, ‘You Wanna Do What?’ Where she takes the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and flips it on its head.

She also shares all of her knowledge via 1:1 consulting to help you launch, grow and market your podcast.

She Podcasts

She Podcasts is a brilliant Facebook group for women who podcast. Whether you’re just toying with the idea of starting or have a fully-fledged podcast, you’ll find help and support for whatever questions you have and can share your knowledge in return.



Dreamers/ Doers

Dreamers/ Doers is a community of high-achieving, high-impact entrepreneurial women. Described to me as ‘every successful women in NYC’s best-kept secret’ I couldn’t join fast enough! They have members from all over the world and are a wonderful resource for everything from finding funding to what to do when you f*ck up!

Six Degrees Society

Six Degrees Society run networking events with a twist in NY and SF. At every meeting, there’s a presentation, but also time set-aside where you’re paired with at least two other women who are hand-picked for you to get to know. About as far away from traditional, stuffy events as you can get, it takes the stress out of networking.